Mental Health/Self Care/Accessibility Resources @ UCLA


CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) is a resource for those students seeking counseling or therapy. More details can be found on their site — Here you can make an appointment to speak with a counselor or find more resources regarding mental health/self care. While CAPS is only open during regular business hours, a 24/7 crisis support line is always available by phone at 310–825–0768.


RISE (Resilience In Your Student Experience) is an extension of CAPS. Per their website, “The RISE Center is a holistic wellness hub that provides an array of programs, classes, trainings, and self-directed resources to foster and support resilience, connection, and well-being for our UCLA community. Services are free of cost to students and are led by a team of healing practitioners, mental health experts, prevention educators, wellness advisors, and student ambassadors.”

Accessibility Resources

A more comprehensive list can be found here — For students needing accommodation regarding testing or learning, the CAE (Center for Accessible Education) can facilitate these arrangements —


Lately, there has been a big push to have more CAPS services offered specifically to those within the engineering school. Be sure to be on the lookout for these announcements from HSSEAS via email!

Additional Useful Links (old, but mostly still relevant)



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